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Bethany School of Nursing

Bethany School of Nursing at BMCBethany School of Nursing, attached to the hospital, trains Multi-Purpose Health Workers who are willing to work among the rural population, teach them the basic rules of hygiene, sanitation and thus promoting their health & improving the quality of their lives. The two-year program is accredited by the Chrstian Medical Association of India, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, and Indian Nursing Counsil.

The Multi Purpose Health Worker – MPHW (ANM) is introduced with the following aims and objectives:

  • Nursing students at Bethany School of nursingTo produce quality health workers, who will function as important members of the Health team
  • To prepare health workers to work among the rural population by teaching them the basic rules of hygiene, and sanitation
  • To promote rural health and to improve the quality of rural lives
  • To motivate the most under privileged especially the local tribal students to enter into the nursing profession
  • To promote rural health by training young villagers as health workers and encourage them to work among their own community and strive to improve their quality of life
  • To enlarge the scope of the areas of service of Bethany Medical Centre to benefit the growing rural population


  • Nursing students taking notes at BMCBethany School of Nursing aims to provide an environment conducive for physical, spiritual and social well being of the student, apart from imparting knowledge
  • Self financed , No aid from government or from any other NGOs.
  • Student target group, low-income group and tribal girls who cannot afford to study GNM/B.Sc Nursing.
  • Low fee structure.
  • Scholarships/sponsorships are given to deserving students.
  • No capitation or donation collected from students.

Our vision is to teach the villagers so that they are empowered to make educated decisions regarding their health care. The hospital also trains many locals in basic and community health care and sends them among their own people as health workers. This further extends our wings to conduct health care facilities in different neglected areas.


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Operating Room at Bethany Medical Center (BMC)

Bethany Medical Centre is situated in an ideal location at Anaikatty hills on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, thus enabling us to care for about 150 villages with a population of nearly two lakhs.

Due to our specialization in Cardiology, General Surgery, and Maternity departments, we cater to patients from nearby cities such as Coimbatore also.

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